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East Side Loteria

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This installation is meant to be self explanatory and recognizable, especially to the local Mexican/Hispanic community. The images are taken from the classic Mexican game “La Loteria” and making slight alterations which reflect some of East Austin’s historic landmarks, gentrification, and local art.

  This image is inspired from the card La Luna. The traditional half moon shines behind one of Austin’s iconic moonlight towers. East Austin is home to 3 of the last 13 remaining moonlight towers in the world. 

EL STREET ART   The El Corazon card is directly inspired by one of the local artists, Federico Archileta’s (known as El Federico) murals on East Austin’s bar - Whistler’s. For decades, murals and street art have been a way for locals to express themselves, making East Austin what it is - expressive, vibrant and original.

EL DEVELOPER   In this version, El Catrin is holding a set of architectural plans indicating the ongoing gentrification in East Austin, forcing lower and middle-class out of the neighborhood and in most cases Austin altogether.

Completed & Installed

Nepantla Map_East Side Loteria-01.jpg
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