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Echoed Reflections

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When impactful imagery and 3D elements combine, they can create a moment of reflection and introspectiveness that can really tell a story. In ‘Echoes of Reflection’ the same idea applies and is executed using a double-sided custom wood panel with imagery on both ends. On one end you will find images of blue-collar workers and community members of East Austin, showing pride and strength of its surrounding environment. On the other side, you’ll find the more affluent West Austin, focused on the architectural compositions of corporate buildings. The wood panel will be folded in the middle (like a pyramid) and will have 6 double sided plexiglasses that will each hold an image. At the very top of the panels, two images will be displayed representing the Nepantla concept, giving life to a new kind of image that represents both sides of the panel – working at a new firm/corporate office yet still living physically on the East Side.

The duality of not being from one single place but of many or in this case, the in-between. This installation focusses on the idea of continuing to celebrate one’s cultural ties while navigating in a different space that for many can be far from home.

Installation In Progress

Nepantla Map_Both-01.jpg
Visit Vesper for more information.
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