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NEPANTLA is the concept behind a collection of temporary art installations that focus on recapturing the history, culture and heritage of the latinX/hispanic communities within East Austin. The exhibit consists of 5 art installations, each by a different artist/designer who’ve been encouraged to use their preferred medium while following the overall theme of Nepantla.


Join our lotería game and click on a lotería card to find each installation location and additional information.


Nepantla is a náhuatl term that represents the concept of in-between or a reference to the space of the middle. Nepantla can also describe individuals or groups who are today in conflict with a larger, perhaps more globally reaching culture or ideology. Nepantla has also been identified as a tool for political change. Individuals who live within two different “worlds” or “cultures” can act as “fulcrum” to engage in political change.


  • Zoned                                7/19 - 9/30

  • East Side Loteria             7/19 - 9/30

  • Safe Here, With You      9/10 - 9/30

  • Echoed Reflections        9/10 - 9/30

  • Las Piñatas                       Completed - No Longer Displayed

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