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Through an intentional redlining of the neighborhoods east of I-35, the City of Austin formulaically forced Hispanic and African-American residents to live in targeted areas identified as red-zones. These zones were flagged as undesirable, and specific residents were denied mortgage loans, job opportunities and basic necessities like clean water, gas and electricity.

Through the years the LatinX community has embraced East Austin and has culturally claimed their space; however, despite having weaved art, cafes, and small businesses into the fabric of the community, the LatinX & African Americans now face gentrification as outsiders become more and more attracted to what they have built.

This installation represents a ladder signifying the steps it took to rise out of the bordered red-zone, created to keep people separated.

Completed & Installed

Nepantla Map_No Hay Salida-01.jpg
Visit La Peña for more information.
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